Born in Dallas, based in Denver, forever exploring.

HOW I CREATE MY WORK: Growing up with synesthesia, the crossing or linking of senses in the brain, has always made colors more vivid and important to me. Every day in the world around me I'm constantly seeing numbers as colors, and feeling colors as energy. I'm heavily inspired by painters and photographers of the past that convey a feeling through their work. My style revolves around the idea of capturing the experience of living and the moments we endure through color. 

WHO I AM: I believe in capturing the moments-between-moments. The raw. The mundane. I don’t believe things need to be perfect or complex to be beautiful or have value. Although not understood by all, with a style labeled weird or different, I prefer to prove my worth through my work rather than my ability to be a round peg in a round hole.

WHAT I DO: After spending hours hunched over my desk editing I like to spend my time outside of visual art with music. I’m constantly listening to every genre, creating perfectly curated playlists, and also DJ around town. I prefer summer over winter and beach over mountains. I love to bike around my city and sing in the shower. I have an insatiable curiosity for history, foreign cultures, and travel.

Most recent Google searches include: finding samples from hip-hop songs, looking up useless historic facts, and researching sun signs.

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Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine | Flora&Fauna Zine | Voyage Denver

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SENSI MAGAZINE | The Source Magazine | Beer Advocate Magazine | Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine303Magazine | DiningOut Magazine | The Rooster Magazine | GrubHub | Elle Italy | ESPN | Fort Worth Texas Magazine | Innovation & Tech Today