tame impala in DENVER

so last night was the best concert of my LIFE. well, at least one of them, and at least the best one in years. 

tame impala, i've watched them grow so much since they first started making music in 2008 and touring as openers.. and now they have amazing light shows and sold out shows instantly. I'm so proud and I'm so in love with their music.. and also the keyboardist. he's really cute. 

i think my favorite part was about half way through (of a 2.5 hour show) when kevin parker, the lead singer/guitarist, just started playing with the laser they had hooked up to his guitar making visuals on the big screen behind him. he turned around, just strumming different notes, watching them form patterns, and evolve, and grow as he left the note to play, or added new notes to form chords and a mix of shapes. it was really peaceful and you know everyone in there was just watching and enjoying him play with music and lights. so psychedelic. 

i wish i could follow them around the country, i'm so in love. 

i watched so many people enjoy the show in their own way, and i love that all of us gathered in the same place to enjoy the same songs together.