The Art of Pugilism: A Boxing Studio in Fort Collins, Colorado

Pugilism is defined as the study or hobby of boxing. Joe Buckner, a self made business man and entrepreneur, has taking pugilism and turned it into an art-form at his studio in Fort Collins, Colorado. With an uncle serving as a world champion, and boxing since he was 6, Joe has taken his life long study - turned hobby - turned passion and made it into a business where he can teach people about re-creating their inner will power and about the philosophy that says, "quitting is not an option". 

Getting up at 4 am every day, Joe listens to hip-hop music or even motivational speeches that get his day started in the right mind (as opposed to the classic checking of social media and apps). Joe lives life 'like the front gate has been left open',  that says that he's 'gonna ride this until the wheels fall off'. His quotes are just as inspiring as the ones he gave us, from people that inspired him. Quitting is not an option for Joe and this is apparent in everything he does. 

Without getting into too much detail, his life has taken several serious turns that wound him up in prison for six years. During that time, he went from resentful to respectful. He worked for a dollar a day in order to call his children. He started the process of success while incarcerated and after being released, had the right mind but no where to start. Homeless and living out of his vehicle, he bought a suit and showered at a gym and attended professional business meetings in his area. He faked it until he made it and finally landed himself a job. Every job Joe has had, he worked his way to the top, taking his own manager's job. From manager, to GM, to eventually working with top paid CEO's, Joe knows how to reach out and get what he wants. He values things more and has a deeper appreciation for the every day, with a surprising humility that grabs your soul and shakes it. 


There is a quote that says once you do something you like, you won't work a day in your life. Joe says it has to be the opposite. When you finally start working or pursuing something you love, it should be the hardest work you've ever done. A never ending race to keep going. Joe soon left his white collar environment to open his own boxing studio. With a sales background, a streets mentality, and the will power of a ninja; Joe now owns and operates his own beautifully vintage studio in Fort Collins - where he was born and raised. 

This man is incredibly inspiring and is super real. A great person to learn from and to train with. He's motivating during workouts and pushes you in a 'tough father' sort of way, with the touch of a best friend when it's all over. He truly does create an art of pugilism. Follow @theartofpugilism on Instagram. #beautifullySAVAGE

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